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A Case Study of LongSail's Management of Supply Chains
In Southeast Asia, our client made his clothing in about 13 cities and the distribution in China was located in Hong Kong. Through 4- 6 steps, merchandise would be dispatched from Hong Kong to retail stores.However, based on the old mode of distribution, retailers often failed to offer complete sizes and patterns to consumers, with the unfortunate result that they had to store lots of outdated clothing.

1、According to retail stores’ quantities & locations, we suggested setting the first stage distribution center in Shenzhen, then with second stages in Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. Moreover, after finding Storage Hub for 12 areas, Long Sail could ration stock based on consumers’ needs, and then dispatch merchandise to retail stores rapidly.
2、Long Sail helped to replenish the stock to other Storage Hubs from Shenzhen weekly. Meanwhile, client shared all stock lists with us on an information platform via on-line tracking services.
3、Our client enjoyed complete customs clearance services from us, including air port, harbour and port of entry & departure.
4、With our help of customized IT system, the client was regularly informed with their updated ordering status, which came from 18 domestics stores. Another key point was that Long Sail adopted cross docking to shorten delivery time to end-users. Besides, client’s ERP system is able to update latest information immediately after connecting with our warehouse management systems.
Long Sail Logistics offered a solution which shortened lead time by nearly 50% , met market needs promptly and raised consumer satisfaction.

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