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■ The Mission of Longsail
To provide an efficient and comprehensive service to meet client’s request based on a loyal and honest relationship.
■ The Perspective of Longsail
To be an influential and comprehensive logistics company in the world.
■ The Strategy of Longsail
To rank among the top-50 domestic Logistics company within five years.
■ Values shared in Longsail

To be proud to fulfill our commitment to customers and employees, we would continue to offer professional service, which consists of honesty, reputation, loyalty and professional ethics. Open communication is our rule to reach our clients and employees.
Customer first
We aim to establish continuous and mutually beneficial cooperation with every client. Also we insist on providing world-class services to meet client’s requests on the basis of a loyal and honest relationship.
We understand and respect every employee. Specified expectation on employees will be stated; objective and timely feedback is to be sent to them according to their actual performances.
Moreover, we provide good opportunities of development and promotion for positive and diligent employees so that they can have a better career life and fulfil their potentials.
Social Responsibility
We play an active part in public welfare undertakings. We also collect public data and coordinate with the commercial operation of the Environmental Program


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About Us

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